Faculty Research

In addition to teaching, we work diligently to conduct research in multiple disciplines of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences. Our research efforts have produced various notable grant awards and respected publications to help advance the chemical sciences. Chemistry is known as the "central science," and we have created partnerships with members of other related STEM departments here at Appalachian and other local and national institutions. This includes faculty and students in the field of, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science and more. Explore faculty bios to see the current research projects they are working on.

Get Involved

  • Determine what area in Chemistry or Fermentation Sciences you are interested in.
  • Find faculty members who share this interest.
  • Once you have an idea of a few faculty members that you may be interested in working with, send an email to each faculty member.
    • Be sure to introduce yourself by including your concentration, topics you are interested in, as well as a request to meet with them to discuss their research projects and if they are taking on students in the future.
    • This is also an opportunity to get to know each faculty member and assess who would be the best mentor for you.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Currently, we only serve undergraduate students, giving us the unique chance to provide undergraduates with opportunities to gain hands-on experience researching in our labs.

Many students get involved in research because it is an integral part of undergraduate training that prepares them for graduate school and professional schools, as well as jobs in the chemical industry. Students conducting research strengthen their critical thinking skills and improve their ability to communicate effectively with their peers and mentors while gaining confidence working in a lab setting. Our faculty research mentors strive to challenge and support students during their time conducting research.

Research stipends and opportunities to travel to present research findings at local, regional, and national conferences are also available to selected students conducting research.

Latest News

Freedom Johnson '22

SAFE Student Spotlight: Freedom Johnson '22
Apr 16, 2024

Johnson received a Spring 2023 Student and Faculty Excellence (SAFE) grant to purchase the Cy3 and Cy5 chromophores needed to synthesize hairpin... Chemistry, Students, Grants and Research

Dr. Al Schwab

Dr. Al Schwab has paper published in Journal of Chemical Education
Mar 25, 2024

Last summer, Dr. Al Schwab created a new physical chemistry lab experiment for our students based on differential scanning calorimetry.

Chemistry, Department News, Faculty and Staff, Grants and Research
Kate Huffman

SAFE Student Spotlight: Kate Huffman
Mar 19, 2024

Huffman received a Spring 2023 Student and Faculty Excellence (SAFE) grant to synthesize Syn-Ake “Tripeptide-3,” a polypeptide cosmece

Chemistry, Grants and Research, Students