Kennedy Williams presents her poster about fluorescent sensors

App State student presents findings at photochemistry symposium
Oct 25, 2022

On October 8, 2022, Kennedy Williams presented her research on fluorescent sensors for nerve gas agents at the North Carolina Photochemistry Symposium.

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Martella Fermentation Sciences Diversity Endowment
Apr 26, 2022

To provide scholarship support to incoming freshman students who are enrolled full-time and intend to major in Fermentation Sciences in the Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences... Fermentation Sciences, Students

American Geophysical Union

Office of Student Research supports undergraduate professional development at National American Geophysical Union meeting
Feb 19, 2019

In December, fifteen faculty and students from four departmental areas in the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from the Office of... Students, Grants and Research

Alana Patterson

Three TEAMS: Noyce Scholars are the first to complete a year of teaching
Jan 18, 2019

After graduating last May, Alana Paterson, Biology, Secondary Education; Chris McCollum, Physics, Secondary Education and Chris Kolischak, Middle... Students

Dr. Brooke Christian, Harrison Esterly, Dane Shovlin

Out of cold storage — App State vaccine and drug research could speed delivery, cut costs
Aug 28, 2018


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Dr. Brett Taubman

Fermentation sciences program — and its opportunities — grow at Appalachian
Aug 6, 2018


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Careers in fermentation

Apples, Australia and vaccines
Aug 6, 2018

Three alumni from the fermentation sciences program at Appalachian State University dem

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Master Brewers Association publishes Fermentation Sciences Undergraduate research

Master Brewers Association publishes Fermentation Sciences Undergraduate research
Apr 15, 2018

Master Brewers Association publishes Fermentation Sciences Undergraduate research

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