Registration Assistance

Video Resources

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Need a permit?

Information for permits and the form requesting a permit can be found here. 

If you are enrolling in an upper-level Chemistry course that needs department chair approval, please contact your advisor to submit a permit request to our office.  

Biochemistry Waitlists

CHE 4580/4581:  Biochemistry 1

If these classes are full, please complete the waitlist for the appropriate term.

CHE 4600:  Fundamentals of Biochemistry Waitlist

If these classes are full, please complete the waitlist below.

The Biochemistry faculty will determine if additional students will be added to sections prior to the start of classes.  You will be notified by email if you are able to receive a permit.  

Reserved Seating:  Chemistry Course Search

Please try to register for all lab sections with available seats before reaching out to the department.

If you are having trouble finding a lab section that has a reserved seat for your major, the Chemistry Course Search tool is available in Appalnet as the last item on the Registration tab.  You can search for sections of Chemistry courses that have reserved seating and determine which sections have available seats that are reserved for your major.  

For more information on how to use this resource, please watch the following video

Please note, we do not use reserved seating on our Summer classes and the Chemistry Course Search will not work for these courses.

Still Can't Find a Seat?

If you have tried every lab and lecture section and are unable to successfully register:

  • Build a schedule with other classes you need. Remember, the minimum for full-time status is twelve credit hours, but 15-16 is preferred.
  • Be flexible and look for places you can change your schedule to get a CHE seat.
  • Fill out the Permit Request Form.  This is the best way to reach us so we have the information needed to help you.  You will receive a confirmation email from us in 24-48 hours and will ask for additional information if needed. 
  • Please continue to search for open CHE lab and lecture seats until the 5th day of the semester.  Most students will be seated before this point.
  • Students can register before it is known whether the pre-requisite(s) has been passed.  Students that do not pass pre-requisites are dropped from courses, making seats available for registration.
  • If you have reached out to the Chemistry department, be sure to frequently check your email for responses from

Be patient and stay calm.  We are able to help most students into classes once registration has closed.