Adding or Dropping a Course

Adding/Dropping a Course During the Schedule Registration Adjustment Date

Please use the Permit Request Form to adjust your schedule.

The online registration system will not allow you to drop only one course if there is a corequisite class or lab linked to it.

We will only unlink a lecture and lab if you have successfully completed one of the two courses.

Adding/Dropping a Course After the Schedule Registration Adjustment Date, but Before the Last Day to Drop in the Semester

Please note that when you register for a dropped class again, you will need to request a permit to register for only lecture or lab and not both courses.

Dropping a Course After the Last Day to Drop in the Semester:

  • Will be approved only for certain extenuating circumstances.
  • Use the Request for Exception to Drop Policy form.
  • This process differs from the above outline as the request is only sent to the Dean's Office for review. Please review the form in its entirety and submit the form along with any required documentation to ONLY.


For more information, see Student Forms on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the CFS office via telephone 828-262-3010 or email